Andy was born in in late 20th century. Mainly known for his sound works, he can also look back on almost 3 decades of photographic exploration. At his time at the university, he started experimenting in the dark room. What started as a side project became his passion.

His recent works reflect complexity and self-similarity in the physical world, and question the definition of life itself.  He sees the world as it exists today as testimony to time. And since modern civilization is suffering from an apparent lack of time, he strives to capture impressions of time with his images. His concentrated, sometimes constructed realities emphasize an objectivity which exists only in the image. He believes there is no such thing as objective reality, only subjective interpretations made by our brains. His photography uses a language of objectivity and emotions, raising questions about the meaning of life. His pictures were taken all over the world, but the actual locations become almost unimportant in the greater context.

“Sometimes there is beauty in the insane and insanity in beauty, so is beauty just a concept of mankind or an universal system?”

When viewing his pictures, one could easily be seduced by the beauty, but there is always more to it – sometimes emotional, sometimes more rational, be it the discovery of similarities in a supposedly unconnected subject or just when facing time itself.

In his exemplary work “Time” (2009-today), he depicts his subject – the ocean as the beginning of life and maybe the end – in an abstract rather than an emotional way. His pictures are created to show how the ocean may look at a certain moment of time. Some societies believe the ocean stores all information, all memories in its uncountable molecules. Watching the ocean is like looking into time.